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Statement Dipl.-Ing. Marco Zielinski, CEO - rhino's energy GmbH:

"Since 2001 rhino's energy GmbH is constantly driving a holistic market approach in terms of sales, marketing and portfolio. As a result rhino's energy drink has already become a premium brand in several international beverage markets and is the named key challenger in the remaining others.

A perfectly structured sales and marketing approach, building a closed loop and being adapted to the respective country, market and channel needs, is one of our key strengths.

Our broad portfolio, which consists of energy drinks - rhino's classic, rhino's zero, rhino's cherry acai, rhino's redberry - and functional drinks - rhino's blueberry - is a straight answer to the current customer needs and consumer demands.

Our excellence and focus in sales and marketing in combination with this innovative product portfolio – these are our key success factors.

All of the aforementioned provides a clear differentiation and a guarantee for our further, strong growth."

Worldwide Distribution

rhino's energy GmbH distributes rhino's beverages in about 20 countries - partly in cooperation with general distributors, partly through subsidiaries.

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Key Facts

  • outstanding product quality and great product variety of flavor and function
  • holistic market and channel approach adaptable to each country
  • dedicated sales model
  • consumer-centric marketing approach


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