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Lowveld Rhino Trust Programme - 2016

For several years rhino’s energy has provided dedicated support to rhino animals worldwide through several projects and works successfully together with the London based charity Save the Rhino International.

For Q3 and Q4 of 2016 rhino’s energy decided to support the Zimbabwean-registered conservation organisation Lowveld Rhino Trust (LRT), through Save the Rhino International, that drives conservation activities in the Lowveld region of Zimbabwe.

LRT´s efforts help tackle the area's immediate conservation needs (monitoring, management, protection and community awareness) as well as support a rhino-enabling environment (habitat, correct land-use, stakeholder attitudes). This is all towards fostering the long-term population growth of both black and white species of rhinos.

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After Zimbabwe experienced very high levels of rhino poaching in 2008 and 2009, the situation was largely brought under control and stabilised over the following years. Indeed, 2014 showed the lowest levels of poaching across the country in over 10 years, with only 20 animals lost in the entire year.

Unfortunately, 2015 saw a negative turn of events. LRT is aware of at least 50 rhinos that were poached in Zimbabwe in 2015, of which 42 were black rhinos. A large number of these rhinos were poached from the Lowveld conservancies and the poaching in the country has led to an overall downturn of Zimbabwe’s rhino population.

Therefore rhino’s energy GmbH will donate funds in the second half-year of 2016 to help reduce the poaching losses. 100% of the funds will support LRT’s activities. LRT intensively tracks and monitors rhinos to confirm their on-going wellbeing; treats rhinos with snare and bullet wounds; assists authorities with prosecuting poachers; and translocates rhinos from high-risk areas to safer locations when necessary.
LRT also works to raise community awareness and support for rhino conservation through rural schools. Over 140 rural primary schools are part of this programme. This is important work as the long-term survival of rhinos depends on the people who live next to rhino areas.
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Unless rhinos are seen as having value to these communities they will have little reason to help protect them or maintain land for rhinos to live on.

For further information about this programme please visit:
https://www.savetherhino.org/africa_programmes/lowveld_rhino_trust_zimbabwe and http://www.lowveldrhinotrust.org/