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uMkhuze Game Reserve Programme - 2016

In Q1 and Q2 of 2016 rhino’s energy supports the uMkhuze Game Reserve which is home to black and white rhinos in South Africa. Unfortunately rhino poaching remains the biggest threat to the survival of the rhinos in uMkhuze Game Reserve. As per official statistics 1,175 rhinos were poached in South Africa in 2015. This represents one rhino illegally killed every eight hours. Furthermore the uMkhuze Game Reserve has also been recently affected by a severe drought in the area and they have had to relocate six rhinos from the area to relieve pressure on the land.

“2015 has been a hard year; if not the hardest to date. The future of rhinos and biodiversity conservation is largely reliant on such support and generous donations. I have the privilege of being part of a highly dedicated and motivated team of conservationists that daily places their lives on the line and we would like to extend our heartfelt appreciation.”  - Eduard J Goosen, Conservation Manager, uMkhuze Conservation Reserve.

White Rhinos uMkhuze CreditSRI South Africa Rhino Poaching 2015
Patrol Conductedas Part of the Training Staff Members At The Anti-Poaching Camp Installing Unit

uMkhuze Game Reserve has a total law enforcement complied of 59 field rangers and to ensure effective rhino protection, Eduard Goosen, Conservation Manager, takes a people focused approach. He believes “people respond to incentives”, and with that recent funding from Save the Rhino International and donors has focused around the improvement of services and the living and working conditions of field rangers who face challenging roles to protect rhinos from poachers. Utilising funds as effectively as possible, generous donations have been holistically applied to address a range of issues. This includes implementation of solar geysers to provide hot showers at outlying ranger picket camps, and solar power to provide power for vital equipment such as torches, GPSs and torches for the rangers when they are on anti-poaching and monitoring patrols in the field. 100% of rhino’s energy’s donation in Q1 and Q2 of 2016 will support uMkhuze Game Reserve.

“Save the Rhino International are delighted that rhino’s energy international GmbH has chosen to continue to help protect rhinos in 2016 and support uMkhuze Game Reserve in South Africa. South Africa is home to the world’s largest rhino population and is being hit hardest by the rhino poaching crisis. Rhino’s energy’s support comes at an important time, as at the current rate of poaching rhinos face extinction in the wild in just 10 years” – Josephine Gibson, Partnership Development Manager, Save the Rhino International.

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